Student Representation

The Student Representation is made up of students from different study programmes and study years. 

The aim of Student Representation is to improve the conditions of learning and improvement of the students of Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija (Šiauliai State Higher Education Institution), to participate in the process of improvement of studies, to find answers to various questions, to help to solve problems and to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere at Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija. We care about students' interests and want everyone to feel an important part of the community.

The diversity of the people who work in the Students Representation helps us to better understand the needs of students and to have a broader view of the issues at stake. In a team made up of students from different study programmes, everyone is welcome to share their opinions and needs, suggestions and ideas.

We are constantly improving our skills, organising and participating in various training courses. We are developing a mentoring programme for international students, which is particularly in need of new people who are not afraid to interact with students speaking a foreign language and who can be mentors to them and answer questions.

Because we are students just like you, you can approach us with confidence - whether you just want to have a friendly chat or a serious discussion about your problems.

We are actively looking for new team members all year round!

Only a student understands another student the best, so we look forward to welcoming you at our office!



UAS Student Representation

President of the Student Representation Viktorija Valaitytė
El. p.
Tel.  8 633 57 702

President of the Student Representation at FBT Lineta Būdvytytė
El. p.
Tel. 8 678 71 190
Faculty of Business and Technologies, 1st building,  Aušros al. 40, Room 202.

President of the Student Representation at FHS Laura Jankovskytė
El. p.
Tel. 8 638 10 881
Faculty of Health Sciences, M. K. Čiurlionio g. 16A, Room 116.