Student ID Card

What is LSIC?

LSIC (LSP) is an official Lithuanian student certificate that gives students the right to take advantage of various opportunities. For more information see:



  • Public transport concessions. Full-time students with LSIC  travel 50% cheaper by intercity public transport and as much as 80% cheaper by urban public transport.
  • Necessary for study. LSIC is required when using the higher school library, inventory, taking exams and connecting to the higher school's internal information system.
  • Student discounts. With LSIC students will receive more than 250 different discounts for entertainment, cafes, shops, gas stations, travel and many others provided by the LSIC partnership program. For more information see:


How to get LSIC?

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What is ISIC?
ISIC (abr. International Student Identity Card) – is the only internationally recognised proof of full time student status. For more information see:

  • ISIC is valid not only in Lithuania, but also in more than 130 countries worldwide.
  • Discounts are offered for a wide range of student needs, for more information see:

How to get ISIC?

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