How to Arrive to Šiauliai


How to reach Šiauliai from Vilnius airport:

–  Vilnius Airport (VNO) is 216 km from Šiauliai. You can reach Šiauliai by train or bus, however, to reach Vilnius bus station or Vilnius train station from Vilnius airport you will have to use taxi services. We suggest using the Bolt taxi app (it will simpler and cheaper).

How to get a bus or train ticket? You can buy it at the station or by Internet:

     To get a bus ticket follow this link:

     To get a train ticket follow this link:


How to reach Šiauliai from Riga airport:

– Riga Airport (RIX) is 137 km. from Šiauliai. You can reach Šiauliai with Ollex buses. The Ollex buses will bring you directly from the Riga airport to Šiauliai bus station.

    To get Ollex bus ticket follow this link: