Facts and Figures

We are leaders

Starting from 2 August 2021 Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija (Šiauliai State Higher Education Institution) has a new Director dr. Lina Tamutienė and a new Deputy Director Dr. Nedas Jurgaitis.

The magazine "Ratings" (lit. “Reitingai“) presented the 2022 rankings and evaluations of different educational and higher education institutions. In the ranking of state Colleges ands Universities of Applied Sciences, Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija holds a high fifth position for the second year in a row.

In 2022 year 337 students graduated from Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija.

In 2022-2023 a. y. Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija has about 1600 students.

We are recognized in Lithuania and in Europe

As of January 1, 2022 Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija has about 170 partners in foreign higher educational institutions operating in 35 countries.

We encourage to grow

Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija follows the concept of lifelong learning. Among those admitted to Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija in 2021 through joint admission – 86 persons who already have professional qualification and 36 – persons who have already acquired higher education.

The age of our graduates range from 21 to 60 years.

We continuously improve

Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija acts in compliance with the certified quality management system.

We offer prospective study programmes

In 2021–2022 a.y. Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija offered 20 study programmes.

About 60 percent of students graduate being in state-funded places.

We offer excellent conditions for studies

98 teachers work at Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija (data of January 6, 2022).

According to the student survey data after a semester, about 80% of students were satisfied with the quality of subjects teaching.

At the premises of Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija there are leisure zones with WiFi access for students.

We closely cooperate with social partners

Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija has more than 300 social partnership agreements and actively cooperates with strategic social partners - Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Šiauliai Industrialists Association, Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association, Baltic Furniture Cluster and Lithuanian Plastics Cluster.

Teachers of Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija carry out different educational activities.

We promote values and motivating academic environment

Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija is a member of the United Nations Global Compact network, thus annual institution's activity reports are prepared.

All Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija students are provided with accommodation in dormitories.

For the students whose financial situation is difficult, dormitory fee can be deferred or paid in installments.