Facts and Figures

We are leaders

In 2019 almost 450 students graduated from the College.

In 2018-2019 a. y. the College has over 1800 students.

In 2018 Šiauliai State College awarded professional bachelor diploma to the 10.000th student.

In 2018 during the general admission most of students applying to our college chose General Practice Nursing and Social Work study programmes (42 applicants for each).

Of students considers the study schedule to be very good or good*

Are satisfied with teachers’ co-operation and counseling outside lectures*

Considers possibilities for going abroad under exchange programmes as excellent*

Would recommended to study at ŠSC to their friends*

*Based on the survey of the College graduates of 2017.


We are recognized in Lithuania and in Europe

After the institutional assessment in 2014 Šiauliai State College was accredited for a maximum period of 6 years.

In 2017 Šiauliai State College carried out 34 applied researches.

Based on 2017 end of the year data, Šiauliai State College has 111 partners in foreign higher educational institutions operating in 24 countries.

In 2017 116 student mobility visits were arranged. Participants of the mobility visited 17 countries.

In 2017 48 students from different foreign countries came to study at the College.

In 2017 19 teachers outgoing mobility visits were arranged.

In 2017 under the Erasmus + exchange programme 11 teachers from abroad came to the College.


We encourage growth

Šiauliai State College follows the concept of lifelong learning. In 2018 out of almost 500 first year students 137 have professional qualification, advanced vocational education and training or higher education.

The age of our graduates range from 21 to 60 years.

In 2017 23 non-formal educational programmes were carried out in the Non-formal Education Center in the Faculty of Health Care (661 people attended).

In 2017 6 programmes were carried out in the Entrepreneurship and Leadership Center in the Business and Technologies Faculty.


We continuously improve

Šiauliai State College acts in compliance with the certified quality management system.

In 2016 Electricity Transformers Laboratory was updated (belonging to Department of Electrical Engineering) - “Schneider Electric” stands were acquired.


We offer perspective study programmes

In 2018-2019 a.y. the College offers 26 study programmes.

In 2017 The Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education evaluated the Construction Study Programme by a maximum of 24 points which was accredited for 6 years. About 40 percent of Šiauliai State College graduates are already employed on their graduation day.

About 60 percent of students graduated studying in state-funded places.

According to Lithuanian Labor Exchange data of 1 January 2017 almost 90% of Šiauliai State College graduates of 2016 had employment. The most successful with employment were graduates of Electrical Energetics (100%) and General Practice Nursing (98%).


We offer excellent conditions for studies

110 teachers work at Šiauliai State College (data of October 1, 2018).

In 2017 the average age of the academic staff working at the College is 47 years.

In 2017 4 Šiauliai State College teachers were doctoral students.

According to the student survey data after a semester, about 80% of students were satisfied with the quality of subjects teaching.

At the premises of Šiauliai State College there are leisure zones with WiFi access for students.

In 2017 the second dormitory of Šiauliai State College was modernized.


We closely cooperate with social partners

Šiauliai State College has over 50 strategic social partners.

Šiauliai State College belongs to the furniture industry cluster “Baltic Furniture Cluster” and “Lithuanian Plastics Cluster”.

Teachers of the College carry out different educational activities.

In cooperation with the Northern Lithuania College, two 3D projections have been developed and demonstrated to the residents of Šiauliai: "Old Christmas Man Trip" and "Restored Lithuania 100".


We promote values and a motivating academic environment

The College is a member of the United Nations Global Compact network, and annual College activity reports are prepared.

The College has 8 patrons, which in 2017 donated more than 4000 Eur to support 15 students with good and outstanding academic achievements.

All Šiauliai State College students are provided with accommodation in dormitories.

For the students whose financial situation is difficult, the dormitory fee can be deferred or paid in installments.