About Us

Mission of the University of Applied Sciences

  • to facilitate acquisition of Professional Bachelor's Degree or a Bachelor's Degree and qualification based on applied scientific research, to ensure the quality of the studies and learning process compliant with the European Union standards.
  • flexibly and quickly respond to the changes in the labor market, train qualified specialists, to carry out re-training, continual learning, develop education, culture and knowledge-based society;
  • to develop a creative, well-educated, dignified, ethically responsible, spirited, independent and entrepreneurial personality.


Values of the University of Applied Sciences

  • Honesty. Communication and cooperation at the University of Applied Sciences are based on truth-telling, ethical behavior, respect for the other person and intellectual property.
  • Drive. The University of Applied Sciences aims to stimulate students' motivation, to develop academic community's creative potential, to focus on the possibilities and the future.
  • Openness. University of Applied Sciences is an academic public space, open to new ideas, creative thoughts and discussions.

You are welcome to come to our city – study, work and build our city together!