Two more weeks of distance working


On April 22 following the Government’s decision, the quarantine due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been slightly mitigated in the Republic of Lithuania, but has been extended until May 11. Understanding the seriousness of the situation and following the Government's resolution, we remain at home for another two weeks.

During the ongoing quarantine, Šiauliai State College continues successfully pursue the study process and other activities.

This spring our College became a member of the NEOLAiA international network and will carry out various activities together with higher education institutions from the Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Romania and Germany.

The College will organise two big events for Šiauliai youth this year – traditional festival of opportunities - YOUR PIN CODE and the city youth picnic #AšEsuŠiauliai. The City Municipality will fund two more projects developed by the College.

I am proud of Šiauliai State College students, teachers and employees who in challenging times are able to adapt to changed circumstances and face challenges with courage. We are happy to have students from abroad currently studying at the College, who are also facing these challenges.

Dear students and colleagues, I wish us all a little more patience. Soon we will all meet at our home - Alma mater - Šiauliai State College.

Director of Šiauliai State College Dr. Natalija Šedžiuvienė

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Please, follow the latest news on the websites of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.