Orientation week for incoming Erasmus+ students


Orientation week for the Erasmus+ students was held on 20th–22nd September 2023 at Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Higher Education Institution. International Relations Coordinator Guoda Kačinskaitė organized the activities.  

On the first day of orientation week, students met with the coordinator. During the meeting, students learned about Erasmus+ rules and general information about Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Higher Education Institution. After that, students played an orientation game around the city that our Erasmus+ mentors prepared. The idea of the game was to take creative pictures at specific locations around the city. In this way, students both saw around the city and got to know each other better in an entertaining way. In the end, all teams received prizes. 

On the second day, an educational programme at Šiauliai City Central Library was presented to the students by the Book Graphic Center educator. After introducing the ex-libris origin, our Erasmus+ students made their bookplate – ex-libris. In addition to this, they got acquainted with the central library and its opportunities.

On the third day, the first meeting was with the Head of the Study and Science Coordination Unit dr. Rasa Pocevičienė. During this meeting, students were introduced to Lithuanian culture and traditions, do’s and don’ts, and how to overcome cultural shock. After this, they met with the Community Police Officer and learned the relevant Lithuanian laws.