Let's make the most of working remotely


On May 6 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania extended the quarantine.

It has already been decided that we will finish this academic year remotely. We make it possible for students to do laboratory and practical tasks in well equipped College laboratories and rooms. The situation of each academic group is decided individually, taking into account the needs of the specific study programme. Reviews and defenses of final papers are ongoing in the departments. Students can get consultations on any relevant questions. 

On April 30 the international students scientific practical conference "Business, New Technologies and Smart Society“ was held remotely at the Faculty of Business and Technologies. The conference provided participants access to dozens of papers on business, accounting, communication, information technology and engineering solutions. 

Once again, wishing all of us patience, I sincerely wish us to experience as many beautiful spring days as possible and look forward to good changes.

Director of Šiauliai State College Dr. Natalija Šedžiuvienė

If necessary, please contact:
- for full-time studies: admission@svako.lt
- for Erasmus+ studies and teaching visits: k.nesoviene@svako.lt

Please, follow the latest news on the websites of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.