International European student survey


Dear student, don’t miss this opportunity! Take your chance to help yourself and your student colleagues across EU to live, study and feel better. Data on the quality of life and studies of students are currently being collected in 30 European countries (EUROSTUDENT survey).

If you have not already done so, express your opinion on how the pandemic affected you? What difficulties do you face while studying? How do you manage to combine work and study? It will help to improve the living conditions of students in your higher education institution, in Lithuania and throughout the Europe!
All you have to do is complete this survey:

This is the INTERNATIONAL European Student Survey (EUROSTUDENT), conducted in more than 30 European countries and coordinated by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences. The aim of the research is to EVALUATE THE SOCIAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND ECONOMIC SITUATION OF LITHUANIAN STUDENTS, to compare this data with the situation of students in other EU member states and to provide recommendations and initiatives for the improvement of Lithuanian education policy. Your answers are completely confidential and anonymous.

All information about the project and its implementation can be found on the EUROSTUDENT project page

THANK YOU for your time and contribution to improving the quality of life and study for all students!