Diplomas were awarded at Šiauliai State College


On June 22–26 Šiauliai State College released another group of graduates.

There were 450 graduates in total at Šiauliai State College in 2020, 22 of whom received honorary diplomas.

275 graduates in the Faculty of Business and Technologies received their diplomas. 175 students in total graduated from the Faculty of Health Care this year.

299 students graduated in full-time mode of study and 151 students in part-time mode of study.

Various nominal scholarships were awarded to 14 graduates. It is great that even three students received two different scholarships at once.

Šiauliai State College is already waiting for new students. Interested are invited to consult by phone 8 615 97 114 or аdmission@svako.lt. Details of the studies at Šiauliai State College are published on the College’s website https://svako.lt/en