Tourism and Hotels

As the quality of life improves, more and more people spend their leisure time travelling, so the tourism-related area of services is rapidly developing and the need for skilled professionals is increasing. The Tourism and Hotels Study Programme is designed to prepare tourism specialists capable of socially responsible tourism accommodation and business activities, effectively communicate and cooperate, and develop tourism products and services that meet society's needs. This study programme is suitable for people who like to communicate, are empathic and creative.

The University of Applied Sciences has the Centre for Hospitality Services, where students acquire practical skills. The programme is taught by professionals working in tourism and recreation companies, teachers from higher education institutions in Lithuania and abroad.

Studies at Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences can be combined with work – both in full-time and part-time modes. Individual solutions are sought on a case-by-case basis.

Why at Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences?

Students are taught by qualified specialists working in tourism and accommodation companies and guest lecturers from Lithuanian and foreign universities. Erasmus+ exchange programme offers the opportunity to study or carry out practices in advanced foreign tourism companies and hotels for one semester or one year of study. Students choose to strengthen their competences in organising tourism services or managing hotel activities.

Further possible career paths

Access to professional activity Graduate will be able to work in tourism companies providing travel organization, accommodation and catering, entertainment and other services required to meet the needs of tourists.
Access to further study Graduate can continue studies in a university programme in the study fields of tourism and leisure, business, management, marketing and human resources management.

Study programme information

Mode and duration Full-time – 3 years, Part-time – 4 years
Study Programme national code 6531LX083
Scope of the study 180 credits (ECTS)
Language of instruction English
Field of education Business and Administration
Group of study fields Business and Public Administration
Study field Tourism and Leisure
Qualification degree and (or) qualification to be awarded Professional Bachelor of Business Management
Chairman of the Study Programme Committee The Head of Business and Accounting Department lecturer Erika Jonuškienė, email, tel. (+370 41) 52 50 51.

Objectives of a study programme and intended learning outcomes

The study programme aims at preparing a tourism specialist who, while organizing and managing socially responsible operations of tourism and accommodation companies, effectively communicating and cooperating, create tourism products and services that meet the public needs in a constantly changing business environment; foster human values and have knowledge and skills to work productively independently and be able to continue studies and life-long personal and professional development.

Learning outcomes


Knowledge and its application

- Know and apply key modern theories and concepts of management, business, economics and tourism, while organizing activities of tourism companies and hotels.

- Understand and apply the legislation governing tourism and hotel activities in national and global market.

Research skills

- Conduct research of tourism and hotels performance, evaluate market changes and adopt decisions for sustainable tourism and hotel business development.

- Use modern information technologies and databases, process, present and reasonably interpret data needed for making decisions.

Special skills

- Analyze business environment, manage activities of tourism and accommodation companies and their branches, while envisioning needs and sources of human, financial and other resources.

- Create products for tourism and hotels sector and manage processes of sales in constantly changing business environment.

- Cater for clients of different needs and cultures by organizing and providing them various tourism and accommodation services.

- Apply internal, external and intercultural communication models in various work and communication situations.

Social and personal skills

- Responsibly and effectively communicate and cooperate with business partners and clients in national and international context.

- Seek personal and professional improvement, be open to innovation, follow lifelong learning and internationalization provisions.

- Work efficiently individually and in teams while making individual proposals.

Study subjects (modules) and practical training

Full-time study subjects and practices are presented here. Part-time studies last 4 years, the sequence of subjects may vary.

Semester I Semester III Semester V 
  • Communication Psychology
  • Services Theory and Hospitality
  • Statistic
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Toursim Resources and Geography
  • Management
  • Professional Foreign Language
  • Physical Education
  • Accommodation Services
  • Intercultural Communication and Negotiation in 1st
  • Foreign Language
  • Systems of Applied Software
  • Applied Research Methodology
  • Philosophy / Sociology
  • Professional Practice II
  • Free Elective Subject
  • Environmental and Human Safety
  • Project Development and Management
  • Professional Foreign Language II (English, German, French, Russian)
  • Free Elective Subject
  • Group of Subjects: Organization of Tourism Services
  • Designing and Leading Excursions
  • Tour Management
  • Computerized Reservation Systems
  • Group of Subjects: Management of Hotel Activities
  • Organization of Catering Services
  • Hotel Management
  • Hotel Administration Programmes
Semester II  Semester IV Semester VI 
  • Tourism Sector and its Development Policy
  • Business Economics
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Law
  • Professional Foreign Language I
  • Professional Language
  • Professional Practice I
  • Physical Education
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Course Paper
  • Event Management
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Professional Foreign Language II (English, German, French, Russian)
  • Free Elective Subject
  • Pre-graduation Practice
  • Graduation Thesis