NEOLAiA (youth in Greek) is the alliance of young European Universities for digital natives, which stands for inclusion, gives personal and tailor-made answers, strengthens democracy and encourages their members to make a difference, becoming game-changers.



Most members of the European Union are living in small and medium-sized cities or in the countryside. So, as young universities with the power and commitment to reform, we are the most important drivers of innovation and social change, in our regions.

The NEOLAiA consortium is made up of nine universities: University of Nicosia (Cyprus), University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava (Romania), Bielefeld University (Germany), Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania), Örebro University (Sweden), University of Salerno (Italy), University of Tours (France) and the University of Jaén (Spain), coordinator of the group. In total, these nine universities have more than 142,000 students and more than 10,000 international mobility students.

The NEOLAiA alliance is designed to achieve ambitious goals reaching to 2030 when we see ourselves as: 

  • A strong, highly integrated European University representing a mainstay of European values and high-quality education for all the member university regions.
  • An open and inclusive educational and social environment, fostering equity at university and in European society at large, ensuring that the diverse communities within academia and in the regions feel connected and committed to work together to face the challenges of Megatrends and improve well-being for all.
  • A model international educator motivating widening cohorts of students to engage in innovative research-informed and socially relevant study programmes crossing the borders of disciplines, research areas, countries and cultures, keeping pace with the digitalization of teaching and learning and at the same time cherishing personal contact and a tailor-made approach.


The NEOLAiA consortium, whose motto is “Young Universities Empowering regionally rooted European talents”, is structured around eight work packages that define the alliance’s management areas: mobility; teaching; research; entrepreneurship; diversity and inclusion; multiculturalism and multilingualism and sustainability/dissemination of the project actions. The objective is to generate a common resources structure that facilitates synergies in the above aspects and to improve the position and effectiveness of the universities that make up the consortium in the medium and long term.